Wednesday, March 31

It's been a few days, I know.

I've had three appointments since I last wrote. All painless. Whee!

One was with a local shop owner who wanted a hot oil massage and a handjob. Easy as pie. He lit candles in his bedroom and heated up his oil in the microwave. He was just so delighted with the experience. It was kind of sweet. He mentioned my nails being great as I was lightly scratching his back. I said, "Yeah, and they're real too. I don't understand the whole fake nails thing. Actually, I don't understand fake anything." And as the words were leaving my lips, I noticed that the gentleman was wearing a toupee. I don't know how I didn't notice it before, but I didn't. Whoops. Fortunately he was all blissed out and didn't seem to notice my remark. He had a spare bottle of that massage oil which he wound up giving to me after I said I liked the way it smelled.

Another was a British academic. All he wanted to do was play with my boobs extensively and masturbate while I tickled his balls. Oh, and of course he wished to cum on my tits and of course I let him.

And the last was someone I didn't really want to see, but I'm glad I did. He was suggesting all kinds of activities to me via chat that I didn't want to participate in and I just wasn't looking forward to it, but decided to go anyway. He was surprisingly normal in person. Amusing, even. I said to him that I assumed this wasn't the first time he'd done this and he said that yes, he had experience with escorts. I asked him what his other experiences were like. He told me that they ranged from awful to today--and that I was an "exceptional GFE." Awww. Flattery will get you everywhere. It got me into the shower with him which I think was what netted me the 100% tip I received.

Does anyone know of a place online to purchase reasonably priced stockings? I'm going through them like mad and at $12 a pop....well, it's just freakin' expensive.