Wednesday, April 21

Monday I saw a regular and his friend. I would never see two men at once if it was a first appointment since that is particularly dangerous. Everything I've read about being as safe as possible when doing this sort of thing advises against it. However, since I'd met one of the gentlemen before and had a perfectly comfortable and pleasant time, I figured it would fun to get together with him and his buddy. And it most certainly was. And getting paid double doesn't hurt, either. Ha. Apparently his buddy had never come from a blowjob in his life, and my regular thought I'd be the solution to that. I didn't know this when we started, so I wasn't surprised when I got him off, but he most definitely was. I'm kind of glad I didn't know, since then that'd be a lot of pressure. :)

I used to think that whenever a man said he'd never come from a blowjob before, that that was just a lie designed to challenge the woman he's with to go all out and do her very best.

Last night I spent a couple of hours with another regular, the Big Tipping Italian. Apparently he pays attention, because he'd gotten me an iced coffee just the way I like it. I thought that was sweet and kind of ironic, since I was going to stop and get one for myself on the way, but didn't want to be late, so I didn't. And the hotel room was a step above the usual, too. I was a little sad when I finally had to go, since we were having such a lovely time. Sometimes I giggle after I have an orgasm and he seemed to find that pretty amusing. I know he's going to call me again soon though, especially since I saw him in the evening, which isn't something that I normally do. But certain men are just so enjoyable to spend time with that I don't mind making an exception for them.

I'll get to the email Q & A later on today. I think I may finally have my computer issues solved, and I'm praying that this machine doesn't freeze up just as I'm about to hit 'post and publish' in a second!