Thursday, September 2

I believe that last night I decreased my Purity Score by a percentage or two because I did something dishonest and probably even devious to get laid.

A couple days ago I mentioned this computer game that we've been playing at my house called Zuma Deluxe. My boyfriend has been frustrated because he can't seem to progress past a certain level and I think it was starting to bruise his ego a bit that I'm way ahead of him. So I got sneaky. Last night I went into the XML code that controls the speed of the level and slowed it down significantly, and then called him into my office and told him it was his turn to play. I told him I had all kinds of faith that he'd be able to finally beat it and said, "As added incentive for you to concentrate and do your best, if you beat the level I will give you a blowjob!" I knew at this slowed down speed he should be able to actually do it, and I knew that blowjobs lead to more sex (at least where my boyfriend is concerned) which is something I wanted. He didn't even seem to notice that the game was slower. I kept waiting for him to say something about it, but he didn't. And sure enough he won, and later on while we were lying in bed watching TV asked for his payment which turned into sex for me. My evil plan worked.