Tuesday, February 24

Didn't do anything naughty this weekend, due to lack of planning. Caught up on a lot of sleep, went grocery shopping, did some cooking...watched some bad movies. I'm so pleased I signed up for Netflix again. I went thru James Beradinelli's list of Top 100 movies of all time and added the one's I haven't seen to my Netflix Queue. The bf is in for a surprise when all these movies with subtitles come pouring in. Fortunately at this point I have him trained not to turn his nose up instantly.

Had an effortlessly planned quick 'date' today in a local motel. The gentleman was literally gorgeous. Adonis-like, and nice to boot. I should have paid him! Ha. Got home, and immediately heard from a boy I've been trying to set something up with for a month. Invited me over to his apartment for a smoke and a quick bj. I had a highly amusing time, and left with $25 more dollars than I orginally quoted him. He was a talker and a great kisser. I told him I'd see him again just to hang out, if he ever felt like it. I rushed home so I could be here when the bf arrived from work, and so we could go and visit his mum in the hospital.

Tomorrow should be interesting. I'm supposed to call this hottie I've been emailing for a week to get directions to his place. I hope it works out, but for some reason, probably since I'm actually looking forward to meeting him---it probably won't. That seems to be the theme of how these things work.