Friday, February 27

I got locked out of my house yesterday. Of course, I was on my way to meet someone and had no way of getting in touch to say I was going to be late. The bf finally came home and let me into the house, so I only lost 15 minutes. And then I got lost on the way, due to some faulty directions my date gave me. But since I'd driven so far I was determined to find him. And I'm so very glad I did. He was an absolute hunk. Cute as cute can be. And so NICE. We were having a glass of wine or two and getting aquainted, and he blurted out, "I feel like I've known you for years!" with this huge smile on his face. He told me afterwards that he hasn't come twice during sex in three years. I was really pleased to have been able to make that happen. I just grinned at him like a Cheshire cat.

Just got an instant message from the other gentleman I saw earlier in the day yesterday, telling me what a good time he had with me. I had a really good time with him as well, so it's certainly nice to hear. He gave me a Mineola orange on my way out the door, and giggled a lot before, during and after.