Thursday, February 12

I'm finding that trying to make appointments too far in advance doesn't always work. For instance, I set aside today to see this particular gentleman after discussing it with him last week, and then I attempted this morning to confirm with him via email and he never got back to me. I probably could have seen someone else instead during the time, but missed out because of this cancellation.

I did wind up getting together with a very nice man I've been playing email tag with, however. We had some coffee and ended up taking a little ride in his car and parking outside a hotel. I was wary of the public nature of parking, but he was going to pay me twice my usual fee, so I decided to just try to be as quick about it as I could without seeming like I was being quick. He pointed out a van with some people in it that were getting busy. It was kind of funny actually. The woman looked at us as she drove away, with this big huge smile on her face like she knew what we were doing too. I bet she thought we were probably having some kind of affair, as she most likely was. I don't think she got handed big bucks for a blow job, though.