Monday, February 16

My boyfriend (with whom I have an 'open relationship) went away for last night, so I had an unprecedented opportunity to do some "night work." I posted an ad in the morning, and by noon had received the usual gazillion responses. This ad was very non-specific about me and what I'd be available for, so the responses were particularly strange. One man wanted me to show up at his shoe store after hours wearing nothing underneath my long coat and get fitted for shoes, another wished for a blow job in the public toilet in front of the city's library, and another wanted lingerie and toe sucking. I'm sure there's someone out there that would be willing to comply with these requests, but it's not me.

I wound up chatting in IM with the sweetest 21 year old boy--a senior in college in the city. He was smart, polite, and absolutely adorable in his photos he sent me to preview. I felt very comfortable chatting with him, and so we made an appointment to get together late. I didn't realize I'd be visiting him in his dorm room! (The furniture in his room gave me deja vu from my own college years.)

We talked for a long time before anything happened. I told him before I even got there that I didn't want to be in any kind of rush, and so we'd just pretend I was only with him for an hour. He liked that idea, of course.

I really enjoyed his company. He was so sweet and it was a total pleasure for me. I almost told him to just keep his money, but alas, there are bills to pay.