Saturday, February 21

Wednesday I was blown off by a man I'd corresponded with for weeks. That's one of the real irritating things about doing this independently. You spend all sorts of time marketing--creating enticing ads, responding and trying to weed out the creeps, making appointments--and then when they fall through at the last minute, cursing because you could have scheduled some other actual willing person who wasn't just wasting your time.

Speaking of wasting time, this past week has been rife with that. I wonder if it has anything to do with the way the planets are aligned. On Thursday I traveled 40 minutes to spend time with a guy who seemed nice enough, but who claimed in the middle of his session that he had no idea I was charging for my visit. I think he had to be lying. I'm very clear in my email correspondence that I'm not a free casual encounter. It was pretty darn uncomfortable. He gave me 100 bucks and I made a hasty exit. Got blown off yet again on Friday, by a guy who was supposed to give me the details of where to show up in the morning, but just dropped off the face of the earth. More time wasted.

I did have a nice appointment in a hotel with a very handsome married Greek, though. Smelled lovely, looked great, and was very easy to manage. I'd see him again in a flash.