Monday, February 9

Wow. My very first post as a blogger. How momentous a moment.

Here I intend to keep a diary for myself of what's going on in my life, so at some point I can look back and remember things I may forget that I probably shouldn't. I think it will be interesting to be able to see the evolution of my thought processes, mostly.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about an activity I began doing a bit over a month ago, and that's having sex with men for money. When a friend of my initially told me a few years ago that she'd done it one time to pay her rent, I recall being shocked. I could never ever do that, I thought, no matter how desperate for cash I was. Afterall, I thought, it's just wrong. How your perspective on right and wrong can change considerably when you actually think about vs. just accepting something as wrong because you've been told forever that it just 'is.'

And now it's late, and I've got heartburn and don't want to be sitting in front of this machine any longer. Note to self: purchase more Mylanta and don't eat cookies at midnight.