Wednesday, March 24

The accordian player was an odd duck indeed. He wasn't unpleasant, just definitely unusual. He was very interested in the whole 'professional' aspect of what I do, and wound up giving me a book called "Turning Pro" from his bookshelf. "You could make a LOT of money doing this," he said. I got the impression that he thought I'd never done this before him. I decided that perhaps that was part of the fantasy for him--the whole breaking in a 'new girl' thing--and I didn't want to burst his bubble so I just let him think what he wanted to think. He didn't want to kiss or fuck. Just massage and oral.

I watched this HBO on Demand special with my boyfriend called "Hookers and Pimps." It was basically about streetwalkers. Afterwards I was teasing him and asked him if he had any money. We negotiated--he started off by offering 15 cents! I ended up giving him a blowjob and letting him fuck me from behind on the couch for $5. Ha!