Wednesday, March 10

Had lunch with a charming Englishman on Monday. Tall, thin, attractive, great accent. I followed him back to his place and spent a couple hours in bed with him. We discussed books and work and so on. He was very sweet. "Oh that feels so lovely" sounds fabulous in a british accent, I must say. It made me want to keep doing what I was doing so he'd say it again. At the end of our time together, he actually said, "Since you had a good time too, how about if I pay you half?" And I said, "No, how about you pay me what we originally discussed," with a smile. He looked a little bashful and paid up. I think he'll probably call me again when he can afford it.

Yesterday I met a guy I found kind of annoying. He kept asking me if I found him attractive and if I was enjoying myself and although he was not unattractive, I wasn't bowled over by his looks. I just wanted him to shut the hell up. I like dirty talk just as much as the next girl, but redundancy is just irritating.