Saturday, March 13

I absolutely love The Webwhore Manifesto. One of my favorite parts is:

6. Women should NOT be villified and disrespected for capitalizing on human sexuality.
People should pay women for sex work with the same respect and appreciation one would expect to pay ministers, teachers, lawyers, doctors, therapists, etc. Furthermore, one cannot assume a whore's primary motivation for doing her "job" is monetary any more than one could assume a doctor's primary motivation for healing patients is solely for money. Just as there are good doctors and bad doctors, there are good whores and bad whores. . . anybody who does their job just for the paycheck without any joy or emotion is doing a poor job. Having said that, anybody who thinks someone should do a job for him pro bono just because the service-provider LIKES her/his job is an asshole. Would you walk into a psychiatrist's office and say "hey! You like helping people don't you?? I can't pay you but how about if I plop down on your couch and talk your ear off for an hour?"

I couldn't have said it better myself.