Wednesday, March 24

I seem to be attracting the younger set lately. For some strange reason, convenience store clerks and Starbucks boys really seem to like me.

The Brazilian kid behind the counter at the gas station I go to always has something amusing to say. He's absolutely yummy and comes complete with a sexy accent to boot. He asked me the other day what I do for a living, so I told him about my 'real job' and he asked if I have a business card. I told him I did, but not with me. Today he made eyes at me and said, "And you here again without your card!" Obviously he wants my phone number since I can't imagine he'd have any need for my real job's professional services. God, how fun it would be to teach him a few tricks!

And then later on my way home from seeing X (a non-sexual visit, mind you), I stopped into Starbucks. The 19-20 year old cutiepie who was making the coffees behind the counter says loudly over at me as I'm waiting in this rather long line, "I should know your name by now. What is it?" So I tell him, but he can't hear me over the din, so I have to go right up to the coffee making area to tell him. Then he says, "And I should know what you drink by now too." In response I ask, 'What's your favorite?" He tells me a Creme de Menthe Mocha, with an extra shot. 'You want it hot?" "Yes, I do." He exclaims loudly, "Laura wants it hot!" and then winks and smiles as laciviously as a boy can. So I'm standing there waiting patiently while he rushes around making coffees and glancing surreptitiously at me. The cash register person is just waiting on everyone else and not taking my money, so finally Coffee Boy asks me if I've been cashed out and I said no. So he points me over to the place where you wait for the drink and chats me up some more while he makes mine. "You'll tell me if you don't like it?" as he hands it over for FREE. I wink and tell him he can bet on it and give him a little wave and leave. Gotta love boys who flirt and pass out free four dollar coffees.