Monday, March 1

I thought receiving the gift of a mineola was odd the other day, but yesterday I was given Loganberry Preserves by a man I'd spent the afternoon with. Yes, preserves! I think it was kind of a big deal that he'd given them to me, since he had to go all the way to Seattle to get it. It's odd the things you talk about when you're lying naked with a stranger.

I'm surprised at how busy I've been with this. I wasn't expecting to be seeing men almost daily. I thought it would just be a now and again thing, to help make ends meet. A fun way to make ends meet. But the money is so easy, and for the most part I've met only nice guys that I actually enjoyed spending time with.

I find it interesting how much some of the men I've met like to talk. Sometimes I think they've hired me just as much for having someone to listen to their stories, as a warm willing body to fuck.