Monday, March 15

I was planning to take today off from my actual real job (the one I do in my home office, that is) and start my spring cleaning, but when I finally got out of bed I found an email from Mr. Minute Blow Job, wondering if I could come and see him right away, and then right after another email came in from Big Tipping & Sweet Sicilian wondering if I was available after lunch. Needless to say, spring cleaning did not commence today.

I think it's great that the last four appointments I have had have all been with men I've seen before. It's so much more comfortable and relaxed that way, that's for sure. It also makes me feel good---like it's a testament to my skillz. Heh!

I need some suggestions for music to listen to on my way to my appointments. Sublime and the Red Hot Chili Peppers make me feel sexy for some reason, but I need something fresh. Feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what specific music makes you hot and bothered.

Oh, and yesterday Mr. Loganberry Jam actually DID fuck me 4 times, once again. He's got great soft skin, and I told him that. I was surprised when he told me I said that last time too, and then recounted that whole part of our prior conversation about his nice skin. Word for word. I guess he was paying attention! He told me when I was leaving that he'd met someone and had a second date with her scheduled. I'm thinking he hired me again so he can go out with this chick and not seem too overeager to get into her pants.