Friday, March 5

I watched the film Belle du Jour this evening. I wish I could say I really enjoyed it or even identified with the main character, but alas, it was kind of a bore. She didn't really seem to enjoy her work.

Had an appointment today at a local motel. I met the guy at coffee shop next door, and when he told me he was nervous about renting the room and asked would I do it if he gave me the money, I just smiled and said, "No." He didn't argue with me or anything, just said, "Ok," and walked off to do it himself. I found that kind of amusing. He was kind of different. I couldn't really tell if he enjoyed himself or not. Perhaps his sheer nervousness about the whole thing made him come off as ambivalent.

I saw a rather unusual older man in his luxurious 5 story condo downtown yesterday. When I arrived, he immediately ushered me up all these flights of stairs, past impeccably decorated rooms into this gorgeous bedroom, replete with a bed with more pillows on it than any man or woman should ever possess. "What should I do? Should I take off my clothes?" he asks. So I said, "Sure." And so he did--down to his actual tighty whities, and I removed a bunch of mine, but left on my lingerie. Then he proceeded to lie face down on the bed, with a very stiff posture. He didn't look particularly comfortable. I figured perhaps he wanted a back rub, so I tried to do that for a couple of minutes but that's not really my specialty, so I asked him if he'd like to roll over. So he did, and I gave him a blow job--and it took several minutes of blowing for him to actually get hard. He didn't really look at me, just lay there with this kind of scrunched expression on his face. Finally he asks me if I'll take off my bra, and then he proceeded to kind of pinch one of my nipples while I finished up with the head. After he came, we talked about his job, and traveling. He loosened up finally, thank goodness. Before I left, he asked me if he could contact me again. I had an email waiting when I came home. He told me I was extremely nice and it was a pleasure to have had me in his home. And today another one from him wanting to reserve two hours of my time tomorrow. Go figure!