Thursday, March 11

I'm having fun trying to gorgeous up this blog. I still have to make a bunch of changes, and do things like add links to the blogs I read and appreciate, but so far so good, and I'm pleased.

Nothing really new on the whoring front. My car has been acting up this week, so I've been hesitant to make any appointments until it's fixed. The last thing I need is to have a wheel go flying off and wind up getting stranded, or worse, killed.

Last night I ran down to Barnes and Noble for a book fix, since I've read everything in the house. I was a mess. Threw my unwashed hair up, didn't bother to put on any face paint--just hopped in my creaky car and left. And wouldn't you know it...I ran into some girls I used to waitress with. Egad. I was mortified. I know they're of course going to run back into the restaurant and tell everyone they saw me and how absolutely horrible I looked, since that is just how some chicks are. I know I shouldn't care, really, but I do.

I've been thinking about what to say when my clients inevitably ask me "So, why do you do this?" I need to come up with some snappy but sufficient response, because it's not something I really want to discuss at great length with them. Most of them don't want to hear that I'm doing it for the money, which is only partly true anyway. If I tell them I do it because I really enjoy no strings sex, then I fear they'll argue with me about why should they have to pay for it then? This topic needs much further explanation, and perhaps writing about it will allow me to sort it out a bit better in my mind. More on it later, I suppose.