Friday, March 19

Just got back from a delightful afternoon with a new client. I was suspicious when in his email he told me he was a part time male model, but he was cute in his photos and seemed intelligent and polite, so off I went.

Talk about perfectly handsome and fit. Oh my. Excellent conversationalist, too. I just spent the afternoon with 'the total package.' One of the things I liked about him was that he absolutely adored my tits and actually paid attention to the fact that the harder he sucked and bit and pinched my nipples, the more excited I got. I love that stuff and far too many clients are just timid about it. I suppose I could inform them that they can just go to town if they want, but I'm sort of hesitant because they're the ones that are paying for a good time, and I just feel like I should let them do what pleases them, rather than instructing them about what gets me going. However, if they ask, I'll certainly tell them. :)

After a skilled pussy licking and then a blowjob, culminating in some titty fucking and a 'pearl necklace,' I told him I wasn't done with that yet--indicating his very pretty cock--and told him I wanted to fuck. Good idea, he said. We talked for a while, and then I got him hard again and he fucked me like a champ and I came like gangbusters. He was surprised about getting hard again because he said he hadn't gone twice since college. WHAT? He was 37! Some women out there just aren't doing their best, evidently, since this isn't the first time I've heard that.

And now I feel lovely and relaxed, and looking forward to the weekend!