Thursday, March 18

Looks like I'm going to actually purchase some hosting. Apparently the free server where I'm storing the image files for this site has a pretty meager allowance, and if you're not seeing any background images I've used up my daily allowance. It's only 11 in the morning and no pretty pictures for the rest of today. Oh well.

I received an email yesterday from a gentleman who'd read my blog and had some questions/issues he said he'd like to see me address, and so I am going to do my best over the next couple of posts to do just that. Thanks, Bill!

One of the questions was concerning what it says about human nature that the purchasing of sex is so prevalent. While I've never sat down with a client and specifically asked the question, "So, why exactly did you decide to rent me today?" I have gathered from the conversations I've had with them that there seems to be a common thread or two.

One common thread is the men I've seen so far have been more often than not either married or involved in a long term relationship, rather than single. It isn't they're not getting sex at all, so they have to buy some in order to satisfy some basic need. Nope. Prior to doing this that is what I would have assumed. Renting a whore for an hour or two seems to be satisfying the need for variety in sex vs. the need for sex itself. From what I can tell, these men are happy in their relationships and prefer to not risk these relationships by having an affair to get some 'strange.' An affair might become an emotional entanglement, but they don't have to worry about that with a prostitute. They're paying to have a cut and dried experience. Sex and conversation. It's the ultimate easy no-strings attached situation.

I think also the purchase of sex is prevalent because most people fear rejection and a sure thing is a good thing. Why wine and dine a woman and wonder if she's going to give it up for you at the end of the date, when you can spend virtually the same amount of money (and much less time!) on a prostitute without all the pretense? You're definitely going to get your blow job, or get laid, or whatever it is you've negotiated. Some people might disagree, but most men pay for sex in one way or another--and hiring a call girl is just a more efficient way of doing it for some.