Thursday, March 25

Many folks have written to ask me what a typical appointment with a client is like. How does it work? What happens? How do you get from the initial contact to the sex?

Obviously I can speak only for how I do it, since I have no idea how it works with other escorts.

When a potential client answers one of my ads via email, if I find his response compelling enough, I'll send him more information about me. I have a standard reply which includes information such as my availability, physical description, hourly rate for companionship, and a couple of photos. I explain that since I want the experience to be fun for both of us, physical chemistry is important to me and therefore I need to see a photo of him as well before I'll consider meeting. This puts some potential clients off, but I don't really care. I'd rather lose that business than have to reject the man face to face later on.

Once it's been established that he'd like to see me and I'd be happy to see him, there is generally an email exchange or chat via IM to determine the when and where. I do not have appointments in my home, but I do make both hotel and house calls. I like to arrange to have a cup of coffee in a public place(since I meet during the day) so we can talk and make sure that we'd both comfortable and would like to go through with the experience. The talking is hardly ever about what is about to happen. It's usually about his job or my 'real job.' "Tell me about what you do," is a sure winner. Usually this part only takes 10 minutes or so and I don't include it in the "hour." Generally what happens is eventually there will be a silence and it's time for him to decide. I'll say, "So..." and smile with an inquisitive look on my face. That's worked every time.

I'll then follow the gentleman to his hotel or home. Men that have seen escorts before will then generally offer a beverage (even though we just had one). There's usually a couple more minutes of chit chat at this point. If he doesn't take the lead to get the ball rolling once we're in a private place, I've found that all it takes is for me to give him a kiss. If we're not in a bedroom and he's nervous and seems to need direction, I'll suggest we move somewhere comfortable.

It's at that point that I'll ask what he'd like. Some men just come right out and are very specific and others are will say something like "Well, whatever you want to do." (I find that kind of funny, since theoretically I'm providing the service.)

And then the fun really begins...