Tuesday, March 16

My calendar is clear for the rest of the week as far as whoring is concerned. I haven't placed an ad in weeks and don't have any new prospects in the works. Better write a new ad today, methinks.

There are a number of men that seem to get off writing and chatting with me whenever they see me online. I've been leaving myself in invisible mode more often than not, however, since it's becoming clear to me that if they do not schedule an actual appointment within a short time of our initial contact, their interest does not actually lie in ever getting together with me. They just want to be titillated at the idea of being with a 'nice normal regular girl' who happens to get paid for her company, too. They just want free live interactive fantasy, basically.

I was thinking yesterday about how when I first started doing this, I'd have butterflies while getting ready for my 'date' and I'd be nervous about whether or not I'd be well received when I arrived or if there's something I forgot to do before running out of the house. Would he like me? Would he be disappointed with my looks or personality? Could I carry this off? I barely even think about that stuff now. I just go through what has become a routine for getting ready for an appointment. Lay out outfit and lingerie. Shower with Dove soap and shampoo that smells yummy. Shave legs, armpits and pussy (I wish I could work up the courage to wax!) and exfoliate skin, apply Nivea Q10 lotion all over, get dressed, dry hair and put on makeup. Check manicure and pedicure. Make sure I have directions and the date's phone number in case I get lost. Check purse to make sure I've got enough condoms and mints or breath spray. Tada, I'm done and I'm off.

I'm going to compose a new ad now. Those years working in marketing have paid off, since my ads always net numerous replies that I carefully weed through and have been able to turn into new clients. My angle has so far been basically what's known in the trade as a 'girlfriend experience.' Apparently a girlfriend experience includes kissing and generally more affectionate treatment than an ordinary experience with a whore. I position myself as a sexy, smart, funny, 'normal' woman with a dirty mind, who isn't a seasoned professional (which I suppose I am really not, yet) and so far it's worked like a charm. Many of the men that answer my ad tell me they did so because I don't sound like all of the other girls that are advertising and they felt compelled to get in touch. (And maybe they say that to all the girls they try to hire. Who knows?) Perhaps eventually I won't have to advertise anymore and will have a bevy of regulars to fill up my schedule.