Sunday, March 14

This is a repeat customer weekend. Yesterday afternoon I went to see once again the gentleman referenced on March 5, with the incredibly well-apppointed and luxurious 5 story condo. He was much more relaxed this time, thank goodness. We took our clothes off and got in bed, and indicating my breasts, he asked, "What do these like?" (as if they were separate entities with their own wishes.) The other amusing thing was after he played with my boobs for a while, I asked him what he would like, and he said, "Make me scream. Make me scream "Mother." I just looked at him and laughed and said, "Now, I think that would be kind of weird!" I ended up sucking on his cock like a champ again. It took forever! And again, hardly any reaction the entire time from him, until the end. That's when he reported it was the best he'd ever had. He said after that, "God, I don't know what to say." I said, "You don't have to say anything." He said he was kind of embarassed that it was the best he'd had, to which I informed him that if it makes him feel any better, I get that from most everyone who's cock ends up in my mouth so he's in good company.

I have a noon time visit with Mr. Loganberry Jam today. I let him fuck me FOUR times the last time. I hope he's not too disappointed when I inform him that I have a bit of a stiff neck so four times is a bit out of the question for today. I must have slept funny on Thursday night because my neck has been bothering me since Friday morning. I'm actually looking forward to seeing him again because he's a nice guy and I enjoyed his company.