Wednesday, March 17

Welcome to all the new visitors that have been stopping by. It's excellent to know that all this typing isn't just a huge waste of my time.

Please be patient with the site design. I've been playing with it and one of these days I'll settle on something that actually looks good.

More on the "why I do this" topic:

I've been thinking, and I have to admit that a large part of it is an ego thing. It amazes me still that there are perfectly attractive, even dare I say--hot! men that are willing to fork out big bucks to play with me. I'm just an ordinary early 30something woman, not some supermodel. In a previous part of my life, I'd have been hesitant to even smile at some of these men, for fear that they wouldn't smile back, much less actually chat one up. And now I'm sitting around picking and choosing from a virtual plethora of 'applicants.' Who will I let pay me for my company next---when I feel like it, not because I have to. It's amusing to no end.