Saturday, March 20

Whew, a veritible plethora of responses to the ad I posted yesterday!

One interesting one was a man who wants to lick another man's cum out of my pussy while being told how disgusting that is. Hmmm, I think I'll have to decline.

Another from a man who wonders why I'd do this and wouldn't it just be safer to find someone who shares my desires for an ongoing relationship? Well, yes, it would be physically safer probably. But emotionally? I think not.

And another from a man who says I should avoid seeing anyone that would be willing to send me a picture, because they must be crazy. I responded and said it'd be crazier to see anyone who won't send a photo. I think it's kind of ridiculous that some men are willing to entrust me with their naked bodies, but not with their photo.

Besides the terrific guy I saw yesterday, I think the best one was from an accordian player. He's cute and funny. Funny goes a long way! Hopefully we'll be able to get together some morning this week. Musicians turn me on. They have the manual dexterity thing down pat.