Saturday, March 27

Yesterday's client was a nervous attorney. He'd never hired an escort before, but was curious. Making the appointment with him was kind of an irritating process to begin with, since he had so many questions for me beforehand and I've found that if the potential client wants to go back and forth for weeks with emails, they usually wind up chickening out. Anyway, I frankly told him after about 47 emails that if he had any more questions, he should just ask me in person. He assured me he wasn't trying to waste my time, and made the apppointment.

We wound up having a fine time in bed. He was attractive and I was 'on' yesterday. You know when you're at peak peformance? I felt like that. He kept telling me, "Oh my god, I'm so hard," like he was surprised. He mentioned in one of the 47 aforementioned emails that he was concerned that since he'd only been with his wife he might not be able to get it up. It turned out not to be an issue at all.

Afterwards, he said, "I don't know if I'd do that again--although you were great." Then we talked about the guilties and regrets. He said he didn't regret the experience at all, but that now that his curiosity was satisfied he felt like he should probably not do it again. "I'm married. It's just not right."