Friday, April 23

And speaking of penis size, Jay asked if working girls tell their clients how huge their cocks are, like as part of some Whore Script or something.

If there is such a script, no one has sent it to me yet. The only time I ever mention anything about a guys largess is if his manhood actually is exemplary. And so far, only one has been noteworthy enough for me to comment on it regarding it's grand scale.

For all I know though, it could be part of some escorts' repetoires to stroke not only the client's body, but his ego too. I just don't see the point, myself. I mean, if a guy is average and you're telling him he's gigantic he's going to know you're being flattering and not honest, so why say anything at all? I prefer to comment on his pretty green eyes, or his manly shoulders or his cute ass--something true and real.