Friday, April 23

A fellow named Eric wrote me last week with some good questions. Unfortunately his questions were the ones I spent all kinds of time answering right before my machine crashed and I lost the post. I'm going to respond in a more abbreviated fashion now. (Better late than never.)

He wanted to know how I went from being shocked at my friend's admission that she'd been escorting to doing it myself. Excellent question. It wasn't as if one second I went from shock to participating myself or anything like that. My shock wasn't really revulsion--I thought, I could never do that, it's just wrong! But that thought lasted for only a short time. As soon as I could evaluate the concept, I changed my mind. Logical thought instead of just accepting a perceived moral truth. And then, once I'd gotten through that, it was more like I'd never considered the idea that a normal person could do such a thing. I'd had this concept in my head that you had to be either extraordinarily attractive in order to be one of the more highly paid call girl types, or you were a $20 crack whore. It never occurred to me that there is a market for a more or less normal woman like myself. Also, I had no idea how to actually go about it. So, over time, I pumped my friend for information and decided, hell, if she can do it, why can't I?

Also, he wanted to know if size matters.


I certainly can't speak for all women when I say that why yes, it does. But it does matter to me. But it's probably not how you think. Believe it or not, every sized penis has it's advantages and disadvantages. (And that's one of the reasons variety is the spice of life.) If I'm in the mood to fuck (vaginally), then there's nothing better than a nice thick cock. But if I'm going to be giving oral sex, give me an average to smaller cock and I'm a happy camper. Once in a while I like to engage in a little backdoor action, and that's when I most prefer a more wee friend. (Although that's not an activity I ever do with clients, regardless of size.) So yes, for me, size does matter--but it matters only in what activities are the most pleasurable, though. I can find something entertaining to do with any sized cock!