Thursday, April 15

Finally, another appointment to report on. Unfortunately, however, it was pretty dull as far as these things go. Another lawyer. (What is it with lawyers and hookers? High stress job/disposable income/limited time?) Met for coffee, had a fairly boring conversation about my real job (or maybe it's just boring to me since I feel like I'm always answering the same exact questions) and then I followed him home. Very obviously married with children. We retired to his home office. We sat on his couch. I asked him what he had in mind, and what he had in mind was oral--and could he come twice? I must say this was the very first time I've ever given a blow job right next to a child's Playskool desk, something I noted at the time and found kind of oddly amusing. He was pretty chill about the whole experience. I could tell he's hired working girls before. I think he enjoyed the experience more than I did. Most of the time (unless the guy turns out to be an ass) I have fun. I mean, I really actually enjoy myself. But today---well, it felt more like work than fun. I'm not even sure exactly why. The gentleman was perfectly nice and polite and attractive. Maybe it was the Bruce Springsteen CD that was on in the background. Ha.

And on another note, a reader wrote and asked how I cope with my period and appointments. Well, I simply don't make appointments when Aunt Flo is in town. And no, I've never had anyone specifically ask me if I'd see him during my period. However, I have seen women posting ads specifically saying that they have their periods right now, so there must be a market for that sort of thing. I guess there's a market for most everything, really.

As far as the guy (he doesn't get to be referred to as a gentleman) I discussed in my last post and his attempt to haggle with me over my price, I'm pleased at the discussion that generated and that most people seem to agree that it's rude and should not be encouraged. It's one thing to haggle over the price of an item---say, a used car, for instance--but one should not irritate and annoy someone they're attempting to get personal 'service' from, especially when this service involves intimate acts. I've been thinking about it and perhaps it's part of a power issue for those who do that---getting their cock sucked and on THEIR terms. Anyway, that doesn't fly with me and thanks to you all I feel validated in feeling the way I do about that. Thanks!