Friday, April 2

I find it interesting to read other people's perspectives on what I do. I found this opinion online:

I have a really hard time with the indignity of prostitution. I can't help but feel that prostitution is not just about selling sex, but about selling the whole woman, and commanding her, having her at one's (sexual) whim. I also feel pretty sure that prostitutes are often subjected to far worse treatment and degradation than any other labourer except maybe plantation slaves, and that this degradation and abuse is part and parcel of the sex that they sell.


Hmm. I have to say that when I was waiting tables at night to supplement my income I felt far more exploited and undignified than I have ever felt doing this. Having a shift manager who was 7 years younger than myself and about half as intelligent ordering me about and questioning my every move just because he thoroughly enjoyed his little power trip was quite possibly the most degrading experience I've ever had. Having to crawl around on the floor wiping crumbs off the bottoms of chair rails after being on my feet for 6 hours, smiling at rude people who snapped their fingers at me and frequently would shout "Hey you, waitress," ---these things were far more soul crushing to me than anything that's ever happened to me during an appointment with a client.