Monday, April 5

I had what had to be the most effortless appointment ever today.

I arrived at the gentleman's hotel, and he greeted me politely and offered me a glass of wine. He'd brought along a CD player and had some new agey music playing, which albeit a tad cheesy, was a nice change from the usual hotel room silence. After talking with me for about 20 minutes, we finally got down to business. And what was that business, you wonder? Yours truly got to lie there and have her feet rubbed, her toes sucked, and then some pretty fabulous oral sex for an hour. No reciprocation on my part was required whatsover. And that was it! Hot damn.

Oh! I finally bought an actual domain and paid for some hosting so I can move the blog off and do all sorts of nifty stuff with Movable Type and PHP. So for all of you that have been bitching about the look of this particular site, just shush. I promise something more attractive to look at in the coming weeks.