Tuesday, April 6

I must thank a dear reader for always asking such good questions via email. Here are today's questions:

What do you think of your
customers? Now that you've been at this for a while,
do you find any similarities among them? And what
about those who are cheating on their
wives/girlfriends? Do think less of them then you do
of your non-attached clients? Or are most of them

With a couple of exceptions that I've blogged about, I've liked all my clients. I find it very difficult to be intimate with someone who's company I do not enjoy. I think as an independent escort in the unique position to be able to pick and choose who I spend my time with, the likelihood of having to endure the company of someone I do not like is much lower than that of a girl working for an agency. If I get a bad vibe from someone during the initial stages of contact, I can opt not to meet them. (I actually only wish to meet a small percentage of those who contact me.) Granted, being independent has it's cons as well---for I have to spend time writing ads, managing the replies, and setting up appointments. It's a lot of work and can be quite time consuming.

I do find similarities between my clients. They've been attractive, intelligent, interesting nice guys with some disposable income. It could just be that I've gotten good at weeding out the unattractive morons during the initial contact process, or it could be that the ads I create tend to appeal to the sort of client I seek. I think it's a combination of the two.

About 80% of my clients have been either married or involved in a long term relationship. I do not judge them for coming to see me and I think no less of them than I do the unattached clients. In fact, I think they're smarter to see me than to have an affair with their secretary or their next door neighbor in order to get some sexual fulfillment. They don't have to worry that I'm going to fall in love and start calling up their wives or girlfriends or boiling bunnies on their stoves.