Wednesday, April 28

Normally I address reader comments in the actual comments section for each post, but this one so baffled me that I feel it deserves an actual post.

However, I have always assumed somehow you would be outed - although I expected it to be by a client who publishes your advertisement/photo etc. I guess you one day expect that and its part of the thrill?

I don't understand how anyone could possibly think that I would get a thrill out of being 'outed' by a client. That's not thrilling, it's disturbing. Perhaps there are folks out there that would get their jollies out of that scenario, but most certainly not me. Do you think I actually inform my clients that I have a blog and that it's likely I'm going to finish up with them and then publish the experience for all the world to read? Please. You guessed wrong. However, I've obviously thought about the possibility that exists that my blog could be discovered by someone who I've already seen as a client, and I suppose I just have to hope that the client had an enjoyable enough time with me to not wish to go fucking things up for me by sending my photograph all over the internet.

And while I'm addressing comments, I might as well address this one, too:
Does it make you feel different now that you've been outed? To know that someone you love and respect is reading this? Will you self-censor in ways you didn't before? Do you feel somehow less free?

First of all, I haven't been 'outed.' I've been simply been discovered by someone I assumed would eventually come across the blog and suspect me as being the author anyway. Big huge difference. By the way, I didn't have some plan for how I'd deal with it when it happened, I just figured I'd cross that bridge when I came to it. The discovery just happened much quicker than I'd assumed it would.

As far as feeling different is concerned, I suppose that I do, yes. The feeling I've always had that my relationship with Y is a very rare and special gift is just more cemented in my mind. The only real difference in the way I feel is that I'm just more certain about that fact. I don't feel like knowing he's reading this blog is going to make me censor anything, actually. If anything, I feel more free than I did before. (And if that's sappy, well...whatever. I'll get back to the salacious stuff later.)

Actually, I'll get to salacious right now. There is no time like the present, right?

I've been offered a chance to pee in someone's mouth in exchange for cash and photographs. Goodness, no. While I'm a pretty damn open-minded chica, I've never understood the whole watersports/scat concept. I just don't get it. I can't wrap my mind around it. If someone could offer some insight on that whole arena of sexuality, feel free to comment.