Friday, April 9

So I've had an irritating day.

Blown off two days in a row. Imagine that? Yesterday I get an email from the man I was supposed to get together with this morning, saying, "I'm just writing to confirm that we're still on for tomorrow, I hope?" So I write back last night and say that yes, indeed, we were still on, but we had to decide where we were going to meet, since we hadn't talked about that yet. He didn't reply.

This was a 10 am appointment on my calendar. Assuming he'd check his email and get back to me before I have to leave the house to get to where he is on time, I get up early and get ready to go. I'm feeling kind of silly while I'm doing this, since I haven't even heard back from him. However, the eternal optimist in me says there's no way I'd get blown off two days in a row, especially considering this particular man appeared to be all excited at the prospect of seeing me. When by 9:15 this morning I do not hear from him, I email him one final time to remind him I can't magically appear if I do not know where I am supposed to go.

Alas, no reply.

I decided to use the freed up time instead to install Movable Type on my new web host. After hours of mucking around, I did manage to actually get that blogging software installed, and my Blogspot posts exported and then imported into MT. I could barely contain my joy, since it was a rather frustrating experience to say the least. But the elation was short lived since I soon discovered there has to be some problem with my configuration settings because I can't get through a 'rebuild' without error messages. After hours of researching the particular problem I'm having, I finally gave up. Fuck it. I'll go back to that when I'm feeling a little more patient.

And now the cat is whining and I'm hungry and the boyfriend has just called to say he's going to be late and I didn't go grocery shopping and I didn't get any real work done because I got obsessed with the idea of getting rid of the troublesome olive green background on the blog.... I'm feeling very grumpy right about now.

Oh, and I owe everyone email. Yes, I know. If you've written and I haven't replied, don't despair. You'll hear from me. Promise.