Friday, May 7

Bill asked, in my comments section of my latest post:

To what extent do you think your "profile" (i.e. young woman who does it because it's good money and she enjoys it and is not supporting a drug habit or any of the other prostitution stereotypes, etc.) is common? Are you the rule or the exception?

Well, first of all, I'm not really a 'young' woman, per se. I'm in my wait...probably MID 30's now. (Ack! Wasn't it just recently i was 22?) I'm sure to some, I can still be considered young, but as far as this particular profession goes, I'm definitely no spring chicken. From what I can gather from reading various escort ads, most seem to be under 30, and quite a few are under 25. In reality, though, these ladies are probably not as young as they advertise. I'll openly admit that I shave a few years off my own age when I write an ad, but if someone asks me my age, I'll inform them of the truth.

I think there are quite a few women working that don't fit the whole HBO Undercover Hooker stereotype. Like me, they have figured out that it's an awfully fun way to earn very good money, and do it, and are as discreet as possible about it. The reason you don't know they are there in your community is because these sorts of working girls don't stand on street corners and make their presence known. Perhaps they work for an escort agency one night a week to supplement their incomes as social workers, or they do incalls in their homes while their husbands are at work. They don't talk about it with too many people due to the whole stigma, and no one would ever suspect this is something they're doing at all. But they're out there, enjoying themselves. I'm sure of it.

Based on conversations I've had with my clients, the experiences we have together are noteworthy in their minds compared to some of the ladies they've seen in the past. And for all I know, they're just blowing sunshine up my ass and being nice. A part of me tends to believe them though because they keep in touch and wish see me again. I get the feeling that the way I do things is a bit different from the mainstream. Or maybe I just give great head and they don't really care about the stuff like kisses and carresses and my sparkling personality.

I think the thing is I'm not jaded, yet. When I go to see a new client, it still feels to me a bit like I'm going on a blind date and I have a limited amount of time to make sure my date's relaxed and comfortable with me as a person and vice versa. Putting complete strangers at ease isn't the simplest task in the world, but I got an early lesson at doing that because of all the moving we did when I was kid. Perhaps that's one of the reasons for my successful experiences escorting. One of the complaints I've heard about some escorts is that they are all business and don't spend enough time making sure their client is relaxed and good to go. (It was pointed out to me how some advertise a 30 minute GFE session. GFE stands for 'girlfriend experience.' You can't do a 30 minute GFE, unless you consider the fact that you gave him a kiss the beginning makes you a GFE. It just doesn't, and in my mind, shouldn't. It's like advertising filet mignon and substituting hamburger. They're both beef, sure, but..)

So Bill, I think I'm more of an exception than the rule. But isn't that what everyone wants to think about themselves? That they're special?