Friday, May 7

I actually wish I had something fascinating to post about at the moment, but it would appear that the men in my local area are more interested in jerking me around via email than actually spending time with me.

"Yeah, I want to see you but only if you'll take just $100 and I can fuck you up the ass." --This was from a guy who's orginal reply went on and on about how very generous he is.

"Can you send me more pictures?" ---Oh how people love to collect photos of escorts.

"Um, I can't host. Can you get a hotel room?" --I very plainly state that I do not do incalls. I think I say it about 3 times within 3 paragraphs.

"So what do you do, exactly, for the money?" Hello Law Enforcement Officer. Want my address too?

I'm irritated and there's no Ben & Jerry's in the freezer to console myself with either.