Friday, May 28

I got my first ad response requesting scat. That's definitely on my 'hard limit' list, meaning no how, no way. The guy was really nice about it, however, indicating to me that he hoped not to offend me and realized it was probably not on my 'to do' list, but he figured he'd ask anyway. It must be so difficult to have an unusual fetish and to find other like minded people to play with. At least with the internet, revealing your fetish can be an anonymous process and you don't have to deal with broaching the topic in person, say, over a candlelit dinner on your third date.

Way back in the days of old when I was in college, through the course of my summer job I met a very sweet and shy guy who shared a secret with me. His fetish was infantilism. He couldn't get aroused unless he was wearing diapers, etc. His dilemma was that his bride to be was not into this at all, but would participate begrudgingly. He was afraid if he married her, he'd be doomed to a terrible sex life filled with shame (since her reactions made him feel ashamed). Sometimes I think about him and wonder if he did marry her or not, and if not, with the advent of the internet, has he managed to find someone who shared his fetish?