Monday, May 3

I received an email from a woman who is interested in getting into 'the biz.' She wonders:

Would clients be totally turned off by the idea of my wearing latex leggings while in the act? Please don't laugh (I know you are anyway and I can hear you all the way over here in NJ) -- I'm a little paranoid about herpes/warts/etc., so I'm thinking about wearing latex leggings with a very small opening in the crotch along with using a female condom. This would provide maximal coverage and hopefully minimize whatever chances of picking something up. Also, no kissing, uncovered bj's, anal, scat, etc. Do you think this will be a problem with potential clients? Please, this is a verrry serious question (yes, I can *still* hear you laughing).

Yes, I did laugh. I'm sorry, but I have to admit it.

My opinion is that while indeed some people fetishize latex, I think the average client would be rather disturbed if you felt the need to coat your body in it. While smart clients expect you to be concerned with safe sex and take the necessary precautions, I think wearing leggings made of latex would be seen as going a bit overboard.

But this is just my opinion. Maybe the men feel differently?