Monday, May 24

I was doing a little Spring cleaning on my hard drive, and I found this little rant I wrote for the Rants and Raves section of Craigslist a while back before I started doing the escort thing. I'm posting it here because this particular experience was one of the prompts, so to speak, for my current hobby. I'll talk about why this helped in prompting me to consider escorting later on in another post. So, without further's my Rant:

So I had a weird experience that I feel I'm ready to talk about.

I've had this Stranger Sex fantasy for as long as I can remember, but had never done anything about it because of the usual concerns one has about planning something like that. However, I had an opportunity and decide to take the plunge---Craigslist Casual Encounters to the rescue. I wrote a very specific ad about the experience I was looking for and post it, and within minutes, have more replies than I know what to do with. One response catches my eye----respondent is not only funny, but very very attractive as well. My oh my, I think and get back to him. We banter back and forth for a day, and I'm nervous but looking forward to it. It's scheduled. It's on.

My ad very specifically mentioned how I wanted to smoke some pot before commencing sexual activities. I didn't mean smoke it all by myself while Stranger sat and told me horror stories about what happened the last time he smoked. Grrrreat. That was excellent for my mood. Certainly put me well at ease. *sigh*

More warning lights begin to flash when Stranger breaks away in the middle of passionately kissing me to ask me if the tiny little freckle on my upper lip is a freckle....OR NOT. I inform him that yes, it's only a freckle. Sheesh. However, I so much want to have a good time and so I ignore the red flags. Things proceed into the bedroom...

Stranger gets even weirder during his blow job. "I think this is the best blow job I've ever had," he says, but with this kind of odd suspicious look on his face and strange tone in his voice. Like he's thinking, "Hmmm...she's done this before. Oh my god!" I'm in a relationship, and yes, I do blow my man. To have implied in order to be good at something like head one must have given it away to a cast of thousands, or whatever...well, I was beginning to get a little insulted, but figured maybe it was my imagination. After all, this was supposed to be fun. I decide maybe I'm being just being paranoid.

Eventutally, Stranger decides he wants to fuck me. As he hands me a condom, he says, "Do you know how to put one of these on?" He might as well have said, "Now is my little test to see if you actually do practice safe sex." I say, "Well, yeah" and take the condom from him and put it on him. Stranger appears satisfied with my Rascal Wrapping and we get down to business.

While Stranger is banging away, I'm not even remotely aroused because I'm thinking about the pot thing, the freckle thing, the blow job thing, and the condom thing.

During post-coital chat, Stranger says, "You don't have any diseases, do you?" What kind of thing is THAT to say? If you're worried about that, that's something you should discuss prior, not after. At any rate, this chat didn't last very long. It was definitely the straw that made me want to put my clothes on and go back home which is exactly what I did. Goddamn.

Anyway, to sum this up: Why would anyone offer to fulfil a woman's Stranger Sex Fantasy if all he's going to do the entire time is basically insinuate that the woman must be some kind of disease-ridden slut if she's skilled at kissing, head, and putting on condoms?

So much for that fantasy. Oh well.