Sunday, May 2

I wish I had more time to answer every email I get with a long detailed response, but if I did that, I would never have time to update the blog, too. I hope that no one gets offended if I choose to answer their questions here in the blog, vs. duplicating the effort by responding to the email, and then since it was a great question, addressing the same thing here. Keep the questions coming! It's nice having ready-made stuff to talk about!

Cara wanted to know if I plan to ever have a child, and if I did, would I tell this child about my stint in the world of prostitution, and would it be ok if I had a daughter and she decided to be a prostitute?

I do not have any plans to have children. I've felt this way ever since I can remember and I don't feel any 'tick tick tick' of my biological clock, either. I know I'd be perfectly capable of being a parent, but I have absolutely no desire to, whatsoever. So, whether I'd tell a hypothetical child of mine about this aspect of my life is a moot point, since there will be no progeny in my future. But as far as being ok with a hypothetical kid's career choices--I'm not a hypocrite, nor do I think there is anything wrong with what I'm doing. I'm certainly not going to do something myself and then condemn it in someone else.

Christopher had a plethora of questions, including:
1) Since you have sex for a living, do you ever masturbate on your own? If so what do you think about?
2) Have you ever been hired by another woman?
3) Any hobbies?
4) Is it difficult to orgasm with a client? I would assume you sometimes fake it. How would I know, as a client, if you actually had one?

Even before I started having sex for money, I've never been much of a masturbator. I seem to go through phases where sometimes I'll feel inclined to do it twice in a week, and then 2 months will pass and I won't have masturbated once. When I do, I think about various things, including experiences I've had and experiences I would like to have someday. (Just like everyone else in the world.)

I've never been hired by another woman.

Of course I have hobbies. I'm almost a little offended by this question, actually. I'm sure you can probably imagine why.

And it's no more difficult to orgasm with a client than it is to orgasm with anyone that isn't totally experienced in how to push my buttons. I've had lovers that have figured me out in mere minutes and I've had lovers that have never ever figured me out, even with all sorts of verbal and non-verbal communication on my part. (I had to assume then that they didn't care, and therefore were not worth my time.) I'm not at all shy about what pleases me, so if a person I'm having sex with wishes to get me off, whether it be a client or a lover, it's practically a done deal.

And you're assuming wrong about me sometimes faking it. I don't. I don't feel the need to fake it. If the gentleman cares whether or not I have an orgasm, I will most likely have a real orgasm or two. If he doesn't care, then I'm not going to put on some kind of theatrical show for no reason. How will you know if someone has faked it with you? It's hard to say. I guess there's no real way to know, since every woman is different. But here are some clues, though:

1.increase in blood pressure and pulse rate
2. breathing quickens
3. increase in vaginal lubrication
4. clitoris becomes erect and exposed
5. breasts become enlarged, nipples erect
6. skin flushes, particularly the face and chest
7. pelvic muscle spasms, causing vaginal contractions

And finally, Tom wanted to know:

Why do you blog about your experiences? What drives your "call to write"? Do you see your site as having a purpose other than acting as a pseudo-diary of your double life?

As I have indeed mentioned, I blog because I enjoy doing so. The feedback I receive is amazing to me. And as far as having a purpose besides just a diary, that's an excellent question. I feel as though there are loads of stereotypes as to the sort of people that are prostitutes. The public perception seems to be that you'd have to be supporting a drug habit or not educated or skilled at anything else in order to engage in prostitution. That's simply not true. Perhaps by posting I can raise some people's awareness that it certainly doesn't have to be an unpleasant degrading experience and can indeed be a fun and interesting way to earn money. I've got loads more to say on this particular issue, but I'll save it for another post.

Cheers to lazy Sundays.