Wednesday, May 19

I'm tired of talking about married men, so here's something new to discuss.

When I'm on my way to visit a client, it's generally during/after a very busy day doing my real work or errand-like activities where I've spent not a whole lot of it even remotely thinking about sex, or feeling particularly sexy. So it's when I'm on my way there to see the client that I have to put myself into the whole mindset of what I'm about to do. I find that music helps me to relax and put myself into the proper sexy frame of mind I need to be in.

A while back, before anyone read this thing, I asked for musical suggestions and I got a few. But I figure if I ask again, I'd get more results now. What do you listen to that makes you feel sexy? Specific songs, bands, musical genres?

Help me out here, folks.