Tuesday, May 18

Is it just me, or when someone says, "I'm not making a judgment here, but..." when they ask a question, they usually are?

An anonymous stripper asked:

Laura, how do you feel when you are with a married man, knowing that there's a huge probability that his wife is unaware of his conduct. I am curious, not asking in any judgmental manner. Or are most of your married clients in sexless relationships where there's a sort of willful blindness in part of the wives? I've been reading many posts by hobbyists, and frankly, I get somewhat sickened.
As an exotic dancer, stripper, I've encountered my fair share of married men, who want to touch, to take me out, to wine and dine me, and they have rings on their fingers. The GFE they seek is even more bothersome, as a result, I hate regulars, and try not to have any. I don't know, I know I can't be judgmental about it, but it bugs me immensely to think of these poor wives.

I don't tend to discuss the relationships of my gentlemen callers with them unless they bring it up and they usually do not, so I am not sure if most of my married clients are in sexless marriages where the wives are turning a blind eye to their husband's attempts to get some sexual gratification. It's not really a usual topic of conversation. I would be willing to bet though that the wives are more blind, than turning a blind eye. Either way, it's none of my business.

Do I feel sorry for these 'poor wives?' No. I do not. I don't feel anything for the wives, since I do not know them. My clients' relationships with other people are not my concern. What I'm concerned about is how my clients treat me, and how I treat them. If I were to consider the 'poor wife' of a client, I'd actually consider the 'poor wife' lucky that her husband has spent time with me, a person who has no emotional designs on her husband and who has no ulterior motives to upset the 'poor wife's' marriage. And if an occasional afternoon spent with me keeps a husband from deciding to start boinking that hottie in accounting (who might just decide she wants the husband for herself), again, I consider the wife lucky.

Anon stripper, I think that if it bugs you immensely to think of the poor wives of your clientele, you have some choices. You can either stop thinking about the wives, or you can choose another career path. Spending your time feeling guilty is not particularly healthy for you.

And on another note:

I spent the early evening hours last night with a marvelous new client. I chose him out of a number of possible choices because I liked his looks a lot and also what he had to say in his correspondence. I hit the jackpot-- very sexy, funny and smart, and orally skilled enough to get me off in record time. Later, while he was fucking me, I said, "God, I hope your walls aren't thin!" and that's when he pointed out the cafe we'd met in was just on the other side of the bedroom wall. Whoops. Granted, I don't think he minded much since he didn't stuff a sock in my mouth or stop what he was doing, and I came a second time. Yowza, yowza. I was definitely relaxed and smiling on my way home. Some appointments are much more fun than others, and this one ranked right up there.