Monday, May 24

I've been too busy with my ordinary work/life lately to make any appointments with clients. Right now I'm as caught up as I can be with regular work and I'm waiting on others, so I've got some free time. I think it's about time to craft a new ad. I'm bored with the old one.

I absolutely need to do something about getting together some decent tasteful photographs of myself. I wish I could make myself actually enthusiastic about the idea, but I can't get the whole 'chore' concept out of my mind. I always feel silly posing for photos. And then there's the issue of who do I ask to play photographer? I did have one barter offer a while back from a prospective client who happened to be a photographer, but he wanted me to pee on him and I just couldn't bring myself to entertain that idea seriously.

I guess now I have 37 items on my to do list.