Wednesday, May 5

A regular blew me off today. I finally got home from where we were supposed to be meeting and called him (since I foolishly didn't bring his cell # with me) and he said "Oh, I forgot."

FORGOT? You just made this appointment with me yesterday morning, for cryin' out loud.

What big ole waste of my time, gas and good mood. A half an hour drive, a half an hour of waiting while reading a magazine I thankfully had in my car, and then a half an hour of driving back home. I was pretty pissed at myself on the drive home for not bringing his phone number with me, especially since it even occured to me to find it but I was in a hurry and decided I wouldn't need it.

Live and learn, I guess.

On the flip side, yesterday I had a terrific day. Not sure what exactly it is about seeing blog readers, but at this point I'm 3 for 3 with having a fabulous time. It probably has something to do with the fact that they've had a glimpse into my head by reading the blog so they're more comfortable than if I were more of a virtual stranger.

At any rate, yesterday afternoon was a damn good time. I was a tad bit stressed at first because I'd been running late all day and then got a little lost and ended up showing up 15 minutes 30 minutes* late at the appointed spot to meet. I felt really badly about making him wait, but he was really cool about the whole thing so I was able to relax pretty quickly.

We spent more time Naked TalkingTM than we did actually engaging in 'festivities,' but he didn't seem to mind. At one point he asked me if I am "this way" with all my clients--and I think he meant am I snuggly and chatty---and I told him that I was, for the most part. Obviously if a gentleman doesn't want that and actively seems to be discouraging it, then I'm not. I was thinking about it afterwards, this conversation, and I felt as though I should have clarified a bit. Some experiences are more 'intimate' than others and I find I have the best times when the man I am with is interested in doing some communicating with me. It's just nice. We are two people, afterall, and I find some people genuinely fascinating to talk to. I feel very lucky when I get to spend time with one of those gentlemen, and yesterday I felt very lucky.

He called me "delightful." Heh, I'm such a sucker for compliments like that.

*The aforementioned gentleman informed me of my error on the time after reading the original post. Eeek!