Tuesday, June 22

I admit it. I have a predilection for men in their 20's when it comes to sex.

Until the question was posed about how does sex with a man in his 40's compare to sex with a younger man, I'd never really thought about why I find myself gravitating towards young whippersnappers. It was just a something I noticed about myself but not something I'd ever analyzed. But it's fun to ponder one's own motivations, and this is what I've come up with as an explanation.

I think the main reason is I'm not a huge fan of quickies. What I mean by that is I prefer the kind of sex that takes all afternoon or all evening. (Or all weekend.) I've found that younger men tend to be better suited towards that than older men, simply because it doesn't take very long for their batteries to recharge. When a younger guy comes, it doesn't mean the entire event is finished, it just means it's time to relax and talk for a few minutes before he's ready to play again. And again. And maybe again after that. I can't say that every young guy I've ever been with has been the Energizer Bunny, but it's been my experience that more young men are then older men. It's just physiology.

Older men, in my experience, are also a bit more set in their ways than younger men. While I'm sure there are exceptions to the rule, I've found it's much more difficult to teach an old dog new tricks than a young dog. The older men I've been with have also tended to be less experimental, perhaps because they're comfortable with their own 'formula' or because they're carrying around more societal baggage about what's sexually acceptable behavior.

However, if it weren't for the older men I've been with, I'd would probably know about half as much about what makes my body feel good, how to make someone else's feel lovely too, and the sorts of things that do turn me on. There's definitely something to be said about learning the ropes from an expert.