Friday, June 18

i apologize for being out of the whole posting swing of things for a while, but I've been simply too busy with my real job to have time to write, and alas, I haven't had anything to say because all I've been doing is working.

However, the other night after a couple of weeks of basically only leaving the house to do errands, cabin fever finally took over and I decided I wanted to do something amusing--and definitely not 'professional.' I didn't want to have to entertain, I wanted to be entertained. All my friends were busy, so I thought an interesting stranger would do. I placed a post on my favorite board, basically describing myself and the sort of things I enjoy, saying that I had the evening free and would entertain the best fun offer. And that offer came from a gentleman who thought dinner and a french film might be fun. Sounded good to me. So, after a flurry of emails and IMs, we decide on a restaurant. I arrive on time. I wait for 20 minutes, until it dawns on me I'm being stood up.

The horror.

I go home, and message the lad, wondering what happened. He reveals he had an attack of conscience on the way to meet me since he has a girlfriend at home (he's here on business for a bit) and couldn't go through with it. He apologized up and down and very obviously felt really bad about standing me up. I wasn't even mad. Actually, I was glad he didn't come and hang out if it was going to be something that was going to cause him to be wracked with guilt.

I told him he might be amused to know he's blown off an escort. He was. We chatted quite a bit more, and weirdly enough I believe I've made a new friend.

But it was back to the drawing board for me, and having only 2 evenings left to actually get out of the house, I went back to my inbox and selected a 24 year old cutie pie. He'd conveniently given me his IM screen name and I messaged him. About 3 sentences into our conversation I informed him about this particular hobby but that I didn't want to 'work', figuring if the fact that I do this was going to be a deal breaker then I'd rather get it out of the way before wasting any more time. He was undeterred. We chatted for a good long while and agreed to get together the following night.

We ended our totally amusing evening together in his bed, and I can honestly say I can't remember the last time I felt so much like a limp dishrag after a romp. My goodness. The boy was totally enthusiastic, full of energy, and loads of fun. He wore me out, and that rarely ever happens. Hot damn.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.