Monday, June 7

It's Monday, I'm home alone for a week, and my car is in the shop.

The weekend started off promisingly enough. Since my boyfriend was going to be out of town on business all this week, he planned an actual date for Saturday night. For inspiration, I bought him a book about all kinds of little known fun things to do in our city. I suggested that we could flip a coin to decide to gets to plan the first date. He won the first coin toss. I was pleased he loved the book, and the idea, since it takes the pressure of being creative off his shoulders. Unfortunately, whatever can go wrong usually does go wrong and not even an hour into the date my car started pissing anti-freeze. Not a slow leak, mind you, but torrents and torrents of fluid. We decided to carry on, nonetheless, and wound up stopping many times over the course of the night to put more fluid in the car. Despite this annoying problem, we had a remarkably good time.

It's weird how when you're home alone and your car works just fine, you're perfectly happy to just laze about, doing all kinds of relaxing puttering, but when your car does not work you feel like a prisoner and you have a burning desire to go to Walmart to purchase new shelf paper for your kitchen cabinets.

I suppose I could look at this inconvenience as a blessing in disguise, because I really do have tons of work to do, and since I can't go anywhere, I might as well just buckle down and get to work. Perhaps the universe is conspiring to help me overcome my natural tendency to procrastinate?