Friday, June 4

Jay asked:

permission or forgiveness?

Forgiveness. Definitely.

Jim asked:

You have a unique ability: would you choose to be invisible or the ability to fly? Would you use your gift for good or bad? If you chose invisible, what if you couldn't turn it on and off (you're invisible all the time)?

I'd rather be able to be invisble. I'd probably use that gift for both good and evil, since I am human. I mean, I'd like to think I'd only do good with it, but let's be realistic here. If I couldn't turn it off, I wouldn't want it.

Nick asked:

If there's one thing that you could say at your death bed "my life was not wasted because I done ..........", what is it?

Every time I make another person feel good in some way, I feel like I'm fulfilling a decent purpose. I think if more people spent time trying to make other people smile the world would be a more pleasant place. Trite, I know. Whatever.

Shivering Timbers asked:

If your profession was legal, would it be easier (because you don't have to worry about law enforcement), or harder (because you would--presumably--have more competition)?

I think it would be easier if it was legal. I don't think there would be such a huge number of women flocking to whore just because it was made legal, so the amount of extra competition would be balanced by the number of men that would avail themselves of the services of a prostitute if it was easier to hire one.

Jack Black asked:

Favorite historical, mythological, or fictional prostitute?

Probably Annie Sprinkle because she just plain rocks.

djskyler asked:

If a decent gentleman wanted to negotiate for all of your available services for a month (exclusive), what is the lowest rate you would consider? How about for a year?

How often would I have to see him? Obviously the fee would depend on that.

Bill said:

I guess my question would be this: How would you feel if you had a daughter and she went into the profession (or some other sex-worker business)?

I'd like to think I'd be fine with it, since I'm not a hypocrite. But who knows.

Sol asked:

"If you could rid the world of one thing, what would it be? ie, Banana's, the color Mauve, the word dude, back hair, Howard Stern. Something of that sort."

Definitely people who are a combination of both mean and stupid. I have a low tolerance.

Tom asked:

I guess the most important question I can think of asking is ... do you have any plans to come to Chicago?