Friday, June 25

John asked:

Are you sure you aren't losing interest in being a whore just because someone you know found out about it? There was another blog that is indirectly linked to this one, with a similar situation. She wasn't having sex for money, just alot of it, and for free. I guess that made here a slut and not a whore. Not sure if it matters. Anyway, she was outted by her husband and promptly announced that she didn't feel like writing about it anymore and deleted her blog. I wonder if that is happening here.

Your blog is interesting and I wonder if you just like having sex AND getting money for it. You seem to carefully pick and choose the customers, like you are picking a date. Maybe all women do that to some extent anyway. It sounds like this type of dating game is getting dull now for you. No more excitement from the "big secret".

It was an interesting read. Maybe you'll come up with another good game soon.

Yes, I'm quite positive that I'm not 'losing interest in being a whore' (as you put it) because someone I know found out. That happened almost 2 months ago and didn't dampen my enthusiasm in the slightest. In fact, it was fun to have someone who's opinion I value just as much as my own to talk about it with. I'm pretty sure my boredom is due to my curiosity about what it's like to be a sex worker being sated. I've had plenty of experiences, most of them good, and most very similar to each other in lots of ways. I'm sure the similarity has a lot to do with the fact that I tend to find myself choosing to spend time with the same sort of men over and over. I'm sure if I just decided to be indiscriminate in my appointment setting, I'd wind up having a wider variety of types of experiences, but I'm just not willing to do that. I rather like being alive and healthy and don't get any kind of rush out of the idea of meeting with possible weirdos just because it might be more interesting to do so than to spend time with the 'normal' ones I've been seeing.

Perhaps I just have a short attention span for hobbies. I've always been the kind of person that gets intensely interested in something, does it with great gusto for a while and then when it starts feeling old hat and like there's not much more to learn from it, my enthusisam wanes.

I don't have any intention of 'promptly deleting' my blog. I'm not even sure if I've turned my last trick, so to speak. (I like to keep my options open.) I plan on sticking around as long as folks are still interested in my musings.