Wednesday, June 23

Kimberly emailed me a question:

If you have an ad with your picture (did I understand that right?) what if someone you know
from your normal job/college/family/whatever sees it? Or, is it that you send the photo AFTER you see theirs, to avoid those kinds of potentially
embarrassing situations.

I am just dying to know if you're worried that a friend of the family or from work will try to make an appointment with you.

That would scare me off the whole thing.

I send my photo to someone and it's *gasp!* my Dad's best friend!

One of the reasons I never made myself an escort web site is because I didn't want my photo 'out there' for just any random person to come across and recognize me. Like my Dad's best friend, or my brother, or one of my real job clients. I don't put a photo in my actual ad.

I do send a photo, once I've established that I don't know the person who's trying to set up an appointment with me. I figure if somehow someone I do know has disguised themselves so well that I don't realize that I know them, and they do end up with my photo, they're going to be just as interested in keeping the situatiion as non-embarassing as I am since they were the ones that wrote to me in the first place.