Thursday, June 3

Sometimes real life intrudes on fun, and right now seems to be one of those times. I have take a little hiatus from advertising for new clients right now, since I don't have time to do all the communicating necessary to set up a simple 1 hour appointment with someone new. With a client I've seen before, it's a very easy process. They write and ask if I'm available on a certain day and time, and I answer, and that's that. As Linda Richman would say, "No big whoop."

Unfortunately all work and no play makes Laura feel like a very dull girl. I'm definitely suffering from a bit of ennui. I think my real job is the best job in the world as far as freedom and flexibility is concerned, but I don't get paid unless I actually do the work and the work itself isn't exactly fascinating. Hopefully the next few weeks will go by in a flash and I can get back to enjoying myself.